Best companies to invest in 2021

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Best companies to invest in 2021Best companies to invest in 2021Best companies to invest in 2021

You are still on time to start investing in stocks in 2021.


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Best stocks to invest in 2021

What are the best companies to invest in 2021? Whether you are already an expert investor or an aspiring one, it’s a valid question to ask yourself, especially after what has happened and is still happening to the financial markets because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Identifying which stocks to buy can be tricky because the current economy is characterised by very rapid paces and extremely fast changes. Let’s see which are the best shares to invest in 2021.

The best companies to invest money in

Let’s start with the best American companies to invest money in.


The e-commerce giant that needs no introduction has experienced big growth in the pandemic.


Another tech-company giant that has marked all of our lives over the past decades and continues to satisfy consumers and investors to this day.

Berkshire Hathaway

The holding company of Warren Buffet, who is considered the best investor in the world.

Ulta Beauty

Despite the retail sector being in crisis, this Illinois company continues to grow in the beauty market.


A company whose core business is the manufacture, distribution and sale of paints and varnishes for industries, professionals, dealers and stores.

Kraft Heinz

A company well-known to the general public that, in recent years, has grown in many countries through various acquisitions.

Five Below

Well-known discount chain with products costing less than 5 dollars. The company has a plan to increase revenues and earnings by 28% every year for the next five years.

Cracker Barrel

A restaurant chain that has found a lucrative business model and, according to analysts, should keep growing.


A company that produces medical devices and supplies doctors with cloud-based software applications for the treatment and management of sleep apnoea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In the past ten years, ResMed has given shareholders an annual return of 16.98% and has high growth margins in Latin America, Eastern Europe, China and India.

The best shares to invest in 2021

Now let’s look at the best shares to invest in 2021 as far as European companies are concerned.


Bolloré has registered a 12.6% average annual growth in profits in the past 10 years and is considered one of the best companies in Europe to invest in long-term.


The biggest food and drink manufacturer in the world is a brand loved by long-term investors. Its return has grown 2.4% on average in the past 10 years.


Amongst the best companies to invest in 2021 there is also Richemont, part of the luxury sector, that in 2018 returned 2.48% and distributed profits averaging at 3.2% yearly in the past decade.

The shares to invest in 2021 in the green economy sector

Amongst the shares to invest in 2021 there are also those linked to green economy. Here are the most interesting sectors.


The most well-known name is definitely Tesla, but there is a whole world evolving around sustainable mobility.

Sustainable food production

Many companies, like Beyond Meat, are innovating the way meat is produced or are replacing meat with vegetable-based products to reduce the impact on the planet and to make manufacturing more efficient.

Energy production

Fossil fuels are destined to run out and alternative energy, such as solar, wind and biodynamic, are set to have a big future.

Now that you know the best companies to invest in 2021, you can seize the opportunities that the market has to offer you.

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