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Queue (Order Queue)

An Order Queue is a linear row of orders waiting to be executed. For example, a company may have queues of orders being processed that have not yet been completed, or a queue of orders awaiting payment in order to authorise a product shipment.

In the financial sphere, order queue refers to order execution operations that are on hold, as they cannot be executed immediately and will be when the order can be realised. This happens, for example, when an order is sent but the relevant stock exchange is closed, so the order ends up in a queue and will be executed when the stock exchange reopens. Order queues can also occur when demand exceeds the computer systems’ capacity to execute such orders.


Quotations refer to the most recent sale price a stock, bond, or any other asset traded. In addition, most asset classes also quote the bid and ask price that determines the final sale price. The bid is defined as the highest price a buyer is willing to pay for the assets while the ask is the highest price a seller is willing to receive for selling. It's common for stable, liquid assets to record narrow bid-ask spreads in a normal trading environment. The pair will usually divert following systemic concerns like geopolitical events or broad market downturns. The onset of volatility and uncertainty moves the supply and demand mechanisms undermining quotations into flux.