How to buy GameStop stock UK?

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How to buy GameStop stock UK?How to buy GameStop stock UK?How to buy GameStop stock UK?

GameStop stocks and shares: how to buy them from the UK? Read the Fineco Newsroom's step-by-step guide on GameStop stock.


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How to buy GameStop (GME) stock from the UK?

GameStop is the world’s number one retailer for video games. It’s a US company with headquarters in Texas that also specialises in selling consoles and gaming accessories. GameStop has a network of over 5,500 stores across different areas of the world, including Europe, the US, Australia and Canada.

In this detailed article, we will show you how to buy GameStop actions in the UK in order to understand which are the best traders to invest in these securities and the market prospects of this US company. Here is everything you need to know about investing in GameStop securities.

GameStop stock and shares: the analysis

GameStop was founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas, and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2022. The GameStop (GME) stock has had highs and lows on the stock exchange, until its price went up in 2020 and it achieved an all-time record of +1,600% at the beginning of 2021.

GameStop shares have been subject to a surge of investments, coordinated by some traders who arranged this via a group on Reddit. This action was taken in response to the heavy short selling of the GameStop stock by certain big investment funds.  

Today, the price of shares has fallen below $100, after having reached $325 during the purchasing boom in February 2021. Before 2020, the stock had never exceeded $60 per share, therefore, for the time being, it is still much higher than its historical average. Its volatility is also very high and this aspect should not be overlooked in order to invest mindfully.

Why is GameStop going up?

GameStop stock entered 2022 in sharp decline; however, it has displayed some signs of upward mobility, thanks to new crypto and Metaverse investments and projects. According to the Wall Street Journal, GameStop should launch an online hub for NFT trading in 2022, a strategic move to relaunch their business.

Indeed, retail in physical shops is in crisis, and because of this GameStop wants to enter the Metaverse business and apply NFT and Blockchain technologies to the world of gaming. The stock prospects are still uncertain; however, GameStop’s entry in the NFT and crypto sector could offer great growth opportunities to the US company.

GameStop shares and stocks: how to buy them?

There are different options for investing in GameStop stock in the UK. The first involves purchasing GameStop shares and inserting them in your own stock portfolio. This approach allows you to invest medium-term and long-term to try to make a profit from the potential price increase of the stock over time.

Alternatively, you can trade online on GameStop, using CFDs to speculate on the price trends of the shares on the market. With CFD trading, you can open bull or bear positions, to make the most of both bull and bear trends via long or short operations.

You can also invest in GameStop stock via ETFs, listed funds that contain various shares. An ETF invests in different listed companies at the same time to minimise risk. You just need to choose an ETF that also contains GameStop shares.

Where to invest in GameStop stock in the UK?

To invest in GameStop stock in the UK, you must open an investment account by contacting a Financial Conduct Authority (FDA) regulated broker. Certain traders specialise in trading CFDs, whereas others specialise in trading shares on the stock market. In any case, you must look carefully at the commission for the services provided and the instruments offered for financial analysis.

With Fineco’s investment solutions you can access a modern web investment platform and an online trading app in order to access thousands of UK, US and international shares with no conversion fees. Also, you can trade CFDs with Fineco, making use of zero commissions or added spreads on trading US, EU and FTSE100 share CFDs.

Should you buy GameStop stock?

Obviously, choosing to invest in GameStop stock is a completely personal decision. You must always start with analysing the stock, using technical analysis to weigh up the growth prospects of the company and studying the stock price trends.

Also, you must consider your own risk profile, investment objectives and your own portfolio composition. You must also establish an appropriate investment strategy to understand how to invest in GameStop stock, when to buy shares and the price level at which to sell shares in the future.

With Fineco, you have advanced technical analysis tools at your disposal, with graphs and professional indicators, quotations updated in real-time and current market news. You can also manage risk optimally, using automatic stop-loss orders, take profits and trailing stops to protect your capital.

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