Invest your way with Fineco’s regular investment plan

Our Regular Investment Plan puts you in the driving seat. Slowly build up your rainy-day savings pot, fund your projects, or supplement your pension. Our accessible Regular Investment Plan allows you to do all this with as little as £/€/$ 50 each month for Funds. Read about our Regular Investment Plan and invest now in our full range of Funds and ETFs.

Invest in funds from £50/month

You can grow your investments in your choice of Funds with as little as £/€/$ 50 each month.

Sit back and relax

The Regular Investment Plan automatically invests each month, so you don’t need to do anything except stay in line with your investing goals.

Low, flat fee per month for ETFs

Pay one low, flat monthly fee from £2.95 when you set up your regular investment plan in ETFs.

And keep control

If you want to stop investing you can still do so at any time.

No hidden fees or dealing charges

No hidden fees, exit costs or transfer fees. Plus, there are no dealing charges for buying or selling funds, platform fees only.

Ride the market’s ups and downs

With the Regular Investment Plan you can reduce the risk of market’s fluctuations. No need to think about timing your investments.

No lump sum, no direct debit, no worries

Flexibly build up your investments with small monthly payments. And since you already have money in Fineco’s account, you don’t need to worry about direct debits or card payments.

A practical approach

Because you won’t be worrying about timing it right, you won’t make emotional decisions.

Invest your way, little by little.

By investing a little at a time, regularly, you can manage volatility and increase profitability.
Because you’ll be making small investments at a time, you’ll naturally buy Fund shares at varying prices. You’ll buy more when the prices are lower, and less when the prices go up. It’s called pound-cost averaging because it’s an average of the ups and downs of prices over time.

Our easy-to-use tools in our Investment Ideas section can help you define your investment choices. You can pick based on growth, income, or a combination of the two.

Regular investing works by spreading out your investment in small, regular amounts. This helps you to reduce the risk of market fluctuates.
As an example, you may buy £100 of ETFs a month. If the price of ETFs in month one is £10, you can buy 10. The second month ETFs drop to £5 and you buy 20. That gives you 30 shares in total.
In this way you can improved your chance of profiting when prices get better. And you’ve picked up more shares over two months than you would if you’d placed all your investment into month one.

funds from


annual platform fee*

No hidden fees, spread, exit costs, or transfer fees, plus no dealing charge for buying or selling funds.

etfs from


per month

Periodic investments don’t incur the usual trading fee for each ETF purchased.

* Funds platform fee will be calculated and paid monthly. The monthly fee is calculated based on the value of your portfolio in Funds on the last day of each month.

All trading involves risks. The value of investments can go down as well as up in value. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally put in.

Risk Warning: Prices, values and the income from instruments fluctuate. This means you may get less out than you put in. If you have any queries or concerns over an investment speak to a financial adviser that’s qualified to offer personal recommendations. Tax treatment also varies per individual circumstances and are subject to change. HMRC or an independent tax consultant will be able to help if you are unsure of your particular tax treatment when making investments.