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Fineco Friendship Rewards


All Fineco account holders who hold a Fineco current account in Italy (Host) and their friends who reside in UK (Guest) and who open a Fineco UK current account using the Friend Code in the period running between 28/06/2017 and 10/08/2017 can join the promotion.


The promotion will allow both the Host and the Guest to choose between the following bonuses:

  • €/£50 (€50 for the Host and £50 for the Guest) in their current account;
  • Your first 50 with no commission charged on transactions using the financial instruments indicated hereinafter.

In order to receive the bonus,the Guest must:

  • Complete the Fineco UK current account opening procedure within the period running from 28/06/2017 and 10/08/2017, using the Friend Code provided by the host (Fineco Italian current account holder) in the relevant form.
  • Make a bank transfer by 30/09/2017 to the Fineco UK current account for at least £1,000 or, alternatively, execute at least 1 trade in the following stock markets: Equiduct/Xetra, Dow Jones, Borsa Italiana, FTSE and CAC and on the following bond markets Mot, Emot and Etlx



Between 28/06/2017 and 10/08/2017, the Italian Fineco current account holder (Host), by logging into the client area of the Fineco website, will find their own Friend Code. Alternatively, the code can be sent directly to the customer via email by Fineco or via the designated financial advisor.

The Host can send their own code to friends and relatives who are residing in the UK during the validity period of the promotion, which runs between 28/06/2017 and 10/08/2017.


In the period running between 28/06/2017 and 10/08/2017, the friend (Guest) who is residing in the UK must open the Fineco UK current account via the online joining procedure which can be found on the finecobank.com/uk/online website by inserting the "promotional code" and the Friend Code, sent by the Fineco Italian (Host) account holder on the relevant form.


Where the Guest has completed the joining procedure within the above-mentioned time-frame and, has fulfilled at least one of the following requirements within the 30/09/2017.

  • Credited at least £1,000 to the new current account ;
  • Executed at least 1 trade;

Both the Guest and the Host can choose between the following bonuses:

  • £/€50 to current account ((€50 for the Host and £50 for the Guest) as additional income to the same account.
    The bonus shall be paid directly into the customer's account (only for clients residing in Italy with a dual movement taking place, the gross bonus will be credited and the taxes debited. The net bonus corresponds to €50.) within 8 working days from the acceptance of the contractual supplement illustrated hereinafter;
  • 50 orders with no commission charged
    To be used within 3 months from the date of acceptance of the contractual supplement. The Host and the Guest can start enjoying the bonus once 2 days have passed from the signing of the contractual supplement shown hereinafter.

Once this deadline has elapsed and/or the 50-order threshold has been reached, the conditions, plans and standard Fineco rules shall apply, as referenced in the Bank's information sheets.
The trades executed in the following share markets form part of the promotion: Equiduct/Xetra, Dow Jones, Borsa Italiana, FTSE and CAC and on the following bond markets Mot, Emot and Etlx
Transactions performed on instruments other than those listed are excluded however. (CFDs are also excluded).


The awarding of the bonus is dependent on the acceptance by the customer (both the host and the guest) of a relevant contractual supplement. The above-mentioned contractual supplement can be viewed by the authenticated persons by 19/10/2017 within the client area of the Fineco website and exclusively by those who will have met all the conditions set out by this rule and who will therefore have gained entitlement to the bonus choice.

The signing of the contractual supplement by the authenticated persons must occur by 30/11/2017. Once this deadline has passed, entitlement to the bonus will be lost. ;

It is specified that the choice of bonus can be made by the authenticated persons exclusively online, in the client area of the website finecobank.com/uk/online.

Exemption in this regard shall not be accepted.
For the purposes of gaining entitlement to the bonus the accounting date of the payment by the Guest of the £1,000 or of the first trade shall also be valid irrespective of the value date of the transaction.

In the event whereby the Host introduces more than one Guest, the former will receive a number of bonuses equal to the number of Guests introduced up to a maximum of 20 bonuses per year (including those which have possibly been received within the context of previous or future similar promotions).


Below is a summary table of the deadlines to be respected in order to qualify for the Bonus:


Opening of the Fineco current account by the Guest between 28/06/2017 and 10/08/2017
Credited at least £1,000 or executed at least 1 trade by the Guest Within the 30/09/2017
Activating Landing page for the bonus choice Within the 19/10/2017
Signing of the contractual supplement and bonus choice 30/11//2017


  • Bonuses shall not be awarded where the Friend Code is not entered into the online open-account file in the Friend Code field and/or where an incorrect Friend Code is used;
  • The confirmation of the bonus obtained can be made exclusively online and exclusively once the account codes have been activated. Exemption requests in this regard shall not be accepted;
  • For the purposes of the promotion the opening of an individual account for each Guest is valid.

The following are excluded from this promotion

  • The FinecoBank financial advisors who work in Italy and their joint account holders and those personal data entries linked to same. It is specified that the joint account holders of the FinecoBank financial advisors are excluded from the promotion even if holders of other accounts, individual or joint with other persons;
  • Those who open a new individual or joint Fineco UK current account and who are already listed as holders or joint holders of a Fineco Italy account.
  • Those who open a new account who are already holders of a closed or opened account, as well as the joint account holders of same..